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Bashar al-Assad

President of The Syrian Arab Republic

1965 : Born in Damascus

1982 : Completed his education in the secondary schools of Damascus

1988 : Graduated from Damascus University ,faculty of Medicine

1992 : Graduated as an ophtalmologist from Damascus University .

1992 – 1994 : Pursued further studies in ophthalmology in London .

1995 : Head of Syrian Association of Informatics.

June2000 : Elected as Regional Secretary of the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party.

10 July 2000 : Elected as President of the Republic , then assumed his office after taking the constitutional oath before the People's Assembly .

source : Syrian Embassy Brussels

source picture : Syrian Arab News Agency

President of the Syrian Arab Republic , Bashar al-Assad

Biography :

Place and Date of Birth :
Damascus - Sept. 11th ,1965

Social Status :
Married to Mrs. Asma al-Assad with three children : Two boys and a girl

He studied in Damascus schools and got High School Certificate in 1982. He studied Medicine at Damascus University and graduated in 1988. He specialized in
Ophthalmology at Tishreen Military Hospital before pursuing his studies in London until 1994.

His pubic activities before assuming office involved numerous political and vocational tasks :
- He headed the Syrian Computer Society, SCS , in 1995 ,and worked to spread the culture of information technology nation wide .
- Since 1995 he has been supervising the reform programs of the two Ministries of Education and Higher Education.
- In 1977 he launched the national program of informatics in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to allow free access to informatics through free of charge training centers.

The posts he assumed :
- He joined the military as an officer at the Medical Services Department and pursued numerous military training courses. In 11.6.2000 he was promoted to the rank of Lt. Gen. and appointed as Commander General of the Army and Armed Forces.
- He was elected Chairman of the Baath Arab Socialist Party in June 2000, and was elected on June 10th , 2000 as President of the Repulic and assumed office after he was sworn in before the People's Assembly on 17.7.2000.
- The president was reelected Chairman of the Baath Party and its Central Committee by the 10th Congress in May 2005. He was reelected as president on May 27th ,2007 and was sworn in before the People's Assembly on July 17th 2007,ushering in for 2nd constitutional term of office.

On the internal level , the president focused in the past year on the following :
- Embarking on an ambitious strategy of gradual social and economic reform and enabling the social and market economy .
- Providing proper political, and legislative climate for development of the laws and regulations .
- Improvement of the economic investment climate , and renovating organizational environment stimulus and infrastructure , building the industrial cities ,free zones, and liberating trade.(Investment multiplied 12 times).
- Development of the financial and banking sector and licensing private banks, insurance companies, securities exchange.
- Development of the media sector and licensing private newspapers and other media.
- Development of the education and teaching system and licensing private universities.
- Consolidation of institutional work at the governmental and popular bodies, combating waste and corruption at the state establishments , promoting the values of innovation , knowledge , team spirit, and investment in human resources skills , and training.
- Direct supervision of the administrative reform , and introducing structure development to the government structure and work, facilitating the measures and procedures by easing birocracy and computerization of work.

On external level, the president focused on the following :
- Working for the establishment of just and comprehensive peace in the region in the heart of which is the return of the occupied Golan .
- Consolidating the concepts of right, sovereignty, justice and international legitimacy in international relations.
- Diplomatic and political action to consolidate the basis of Arab solidarity and regional and international cooperation.
- Encouraging economic and commercial companies , and cooperation relations in spheres of culture , sciences, technology , and opening to the experiences of other nations with stress on dialogue of cultures.

- The president chaired in March 2008 the Arab League Council on the summit level.

source : Sana - Syrian News agency