Syrian Friendship Association


Syrian Flag:

Each color in the Syrian flag refers to a definite meaning or a period as follows:

1. Red Color: The blood of the martyrs.
2. Black Color: The Abbasids.
3. White Color: The Umayyad.
4. The Green: The Rashidun or the Fatimid.
5. The two stars represent the previous union between Egypt and Syria.

The Syrian flag is also found as a cog in the middle of the Syrian Eagle's heart which is derived from the Arabic history, which referred to the flag of Khaled Bin Al Waleed that was held at when he conquered Damascus in 635 AD. At the bottom of the cog, there are two wheat spikes to represent the country's first crop and its agricultural nature. The eagle grabs in his claws a stripe that has the words "Syrian Arab Republic" written on it in Kufic (an Arabic type of writing).