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Sweida :

Located 128 Km southeast of Damascus the city of Suweida is the main city of Suweida governorate. It is quite an important center and has a predominantly Druze and Greek Orthodox community; it is also the seat of a Greek Orthodox bishop.

Not much of the ancient ruins of Suweida are still existing, most were built over and destroyed by the Ottomans and then the French mandate, who built many barracks here to watch closely the Druze community after the 1925 rebellion.

The only ruins left are three ancient columns that used to be part of a Nabatean temple and the remains of a large basilica dating back to the 4th century AD.

Suweida museum however has quite a large collection of interesting mosaics that resemble the ones found in the Shahba museum. Themes include Artemis taking a bath, and a banquet scene. There is also a fine collection of statues sculpted in the black basalt, although not as elegant as marble statues they deserve just as much credit.

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