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Situated in the Northwest of Syria is the Governorate of Idlib. This governorate is the link between the coastal region and the inland steppe, as it was the Syrian gateway to Europe and the West through Bab Al Hawa, Door of the Wind.

The History of Idlib

The historical importance of Idlib is quite important. The area of Idlib holds over 190 man made tells (hills), the most famous of which is at Tell Mardikh, Ebla. The cuneiform tablets found at Ebla prove that this area has been settled since the 3rd millennium BC. Idlib also has an abundance of Dead Cities, some which are well preserved and others that have been forgotten.

The governorate of Idlib is known for its Olive and Olive Oil, its wheat, cotton and fruit, in particular cherries. The main city of the governorate is the city of Idlib, which lies 59 Km from Aleppo at a height of 500 meters above sea level. The city itself is also very ancient as the Roman and Pagan cemeteries indicate. The museum at Idlib is quite interesting and houses many of the artefacts and tablets excavated at Ebla.

Other ruins in the governorate of Idlib include the dead cities of Al Bara and Serjilla, and the church at Qalb Lozeh.

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