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The late President Hafez Assad :
Ever within The Shady Shadows!
(article by Syria Times)
(June 2015)

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Organisation of Civilian Defense
against terrorism in Syria
(January 2015)

Iran and regional politics
of good neighbourhood -
implications with regard
to extremist tendencies
(September 2014)

A second Afghanistan
(June 2014)

Revisiting Syria
April 20th - April 30th 2014
(April 2014)

Erdogan's bluff and
poker games
(March 2014)

Geneva II : a summary
where are we now?
(January 2014)

Geneva II
what to expect?
(December 2013)

About tactics and strategic bonds
(November 2013)

The Pan-Arabic principles of the
Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party
as a solution to the problems of
the Arab World
(November 2013)

Oliestaten vechten in Syrië
voor hun eigen overleven
(November 2013)

Another False Flag
Operation, history repeating itself
(August 2013)

An observation trip to al-Qusayr :
reports, pictures, video testimonies, ...
(June 2013)

The functioning of the Syrian Government
and its State Institutions
(August 2012)

An observation trip to Syria :
24 February - 03 March 2012
(February - March 2012)

An Analysis of Events in Syria
(April 2011)

The Iranian Civil Nuclear Program and
Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program
(April 2011)

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